BlueStone Bay Community Association, Inc.
The following images are copies of inital plans received from IDOT regarding the land acquisition and easement

The new property line on the west side will go right to our fence line, which may affect the lighting we have in the ground in front of the fence. The center island property line is north of the guardhouse. The east side (owned by the townhomes) will have a sound abatement wall (10' to 14' tall) that runs from our entrance on an angle where the sign is now.  Once parallel to the road, it will run for 870 feet. IDOT and townhomes tried to save the sign and move the sound abatement wall to the east a bit, but IDOT would not construct a sound wall with the sign in it's current place. The townhomes had a contractor diassemble the main sign and saved the stones with hopes to re-build it on the east side sometime after the route 30 construction is over.

Front entrance including landscaping landmarks

East side entrance displaying turn lane and sound abatement wall